Who are we?

Piconbello is a company that consists of dedicated and talented product owners, designers and developers. We have been a successful P-Rep at ICON ecosystem for quite some time, known for quality projects and community-oriented style. We believe Mina will stand out amongst all other projects, hence we decided to use our experience to help.

What is our expertise?

We have all the required knowledge to have reliable and robust blockchain applications, as well as fundamental requirements to ensure high performance.


What are our main goals?

Our main goal is to shape Mina according to the community's needs, design the necessary products to ensure Mina’s success, as well as decentralize the chain.

How much is our staking fee?

Our staking fee is 0%. 0% service fee will enable Genesis Foundation Members to not lose their status if they cannot be ready with their nodes at the start.


What are our mainnet server specifications?

We have a bare metal dedicated server deployed recently only for Mina. We add 2 more servers to make sure we didn't miss any block at early stages of the network. With everything become more stable we plan to go back to 2 server setup since that should be enough. Specifications can be seen below:

Last Gen AMD 16 Core at 4.2GHZ
32GB memory
GCP Compute optimized c2-standard-8 8 core 32GB memory
GCP AMD EPYC 7B12 8 core 32GB memory

If we require additional resources later on, we will have additional GCP or AWS servers. We run many different hardware configurations. We saw some new hardware, like AMD EPYC 7B12, has much better stability over other hardware. We deploy our bare metal server to support decentralization. In case we are not satisfied with the performance of our bare metal servers, which has been running actively on the testnet for a while, we will migrate to GCP. We have full monitoring capabilities for our bare metal server, which will ensure high reliability.

How often do we pay our delegators?

Payments will be processed at least 290 blocks after the end of an epoch. Since the transaction fee exceed epoch rewards, we are unable to send epoch rewards to our delegators that delegate less than 1 Mina. If you have conserns over loosing 2 epoch rewards please check this explanation https://t.me/pICONbello/3044. While the final terms are subject to change, you can always follow our social channels to get the latest news.


Stay updated!

As the first step, we want to become united with the community. Don't hesitate asking us any questions, join us now!